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Experience the future of riding with the APEX EXO-GTSP — where cutting-edge materials, pioneering technology, and unmatched craftsmanship converge.
Lite Force Carbon Matrix​
Setting the Standard in Helmet Shell Technology. For riders who prioritize both technology and safety, the Apex Series stands as a testament to unparalleled innovation and design.

Developed from premium 12K chopped carbon strands, expertly fused into our proprietary Carbon Mat. This intricate configuration ensures optimal energy dissipation on impact from any angle, laying the foundation for unparalleled protection.

Augmenting our proprietary shell, we’ve layered chopped carbon fiber, unidirectional carbon, 4 proprietary fiber layers, and a specially treated outer layer which provides a smooth and even shell surface. This structure not only reinforces rigidity but refines weight distribution, ensuring a balanced profile.

These 7 layers are bonded with proprietary resins in a precision-controlled environment of heat and pressure creating an extremely uniform shell composite that is optimized for strength, energy dissipation, and minimal weight.

Our specialized technicians shape the Lite Force Carbon Matrix material using advanced vacuum molding technology. Their meticulous approach ensures a helmet with a strength-to-weight ratio that surpasses traditional carbon fiber weaves.

Optical Class 1 Face Shield

Every helmet in the APEX Series is equipped with our state-of-the-art, Optical Class 1 Shield. Unlike typical shields that can distort vision because of their uniform thickness across a curved lens, the APEX Series Optical Class 1 shield features varied thicknesses throughout the lens which enhances visual accuracy, reduces glare, and prevents distortion. Additionally, its specially designed shape was developed to improve aerodynamics and reduce wind noise during rides.

Cool Tech Ventilation System
Internal channels within the EPS engineered to create a dynamic venturi effect, creating a seamless flow of refreshing outside air through the helmet, while efficiently pulling out hot air through the exhaust ports. Adjustable dual ram-air intake chin bar vents, center top vent, and spoiler integrated exhaust.
Speed View Internal Sun Visor

The APEX Series Helmet is equipped with our state-of-the-art, Optical Class 1 Sun Visor. Unlike typical sun visors that can distort vision because of their uniform thickness across a curved lens, the APEX Series Optical Class 1 shield features varied thicknesses throughout the lens which enhances visual accuracy, reduces glare, and prevents distortion.

The APEX Series helmet also features an adjustable internal Sun Visor. This innovative sun visor has a unique ability to adjust 5mm lower than the standard position. Operated by a convenient small switch located under the Main Sun Visor Lever, this adjustment ensures the visor doesn’t block your field of view or let you see its bottom edge while riding. Instead, it provides an unobstructed view, enhancing safety and focus on the road. This feature is especially beneficial for riders with different facial profiles. The two-position adjustment capability of the visor makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of users, offering a tailored fit and superior visual comfort.


Recognizing that riders have varying cheekbone shapes, this system allows for a customizable fit. By simply adjusting the inflation ball, riders can obtain a tighter fit that minimizes pressure points, resulting in reduced helmet vibration and lift at high speeds. Originally designed for the everyday rider, this feature has gained popularity and is now sought after by world-class MotoGP™ racers.
Cool Tech Liner Kit
Introducing the new Cool Tech Liner Kit from Scorpion EXO, exclusively designed for the New APEX Series Collection. This innovative liner kit, which includes an adjustable crown liner and optional cheek pads, is engineered to redefine comfort and adaptability in helmet wear.

Designed with a premium blend of 60% Nylon, 27% Polyester, and 13% Spandex, this liner kit offers an unrivaled balance of durability and flexibility.

The material is exceptionally soft to the touch, providing a luxurious feel against the skin. It’s perfect for long rides, ensuring comfort at every turn.

Equipped with both cooling and thermal properties, this liner kit is the ideal choice for any weather. Stay cool during warmer rides and comfortably warm on cooler days.

 Like its predecessors, this liner maintains anti-microbial and moisture-wicking features, keeping you fresh and dry throughout your journey. 

Each cheek pad is precision-cut using advanced 3D laser technology, ensuring a perfect, snug fit that contours seamlessly to your face.

Optional Cheek Pad sizes are available for a more customized fit.




Globally Recognized Safety Standards: Safety is paramount. Our Sport/Touring models have earned dual certifications ECE 22.06 and DOT FMVSS No. 218

Our helmets are engineered with a multi-layered approach for unmatched protection and performance. Starting with 12K chopped carbon strands, we create a proprietary Carbon Mat that excels in energy dissipation upon impact. This foundation is built upon with strategically layered chopped carbon fiber, unidirectional carbon, and four unique fiber layers, topped with a specially treated surface for a sleek finish. This combination enhances rigidity and achieves a balanced weight distribution. The construction process involves bonding these layers with special resins in a precision-controlled environment, ensuring a shell that is optimally strong, light, and efficient in energy absorption. Our skilled technicians employ advanced vacuum molding to shape the Lite Force Carbon Matrix material, producing helmets that outperform traditional carbon fiber in both strength and lightness

The APEX Series helmets come with an Optical Class 1 Shield, offering enhanced visual accuracy by using varied thicknesses across the lens to eliminate distortion and reduce glare, a significant improvement over typical uniform-thickness shields. This shield is also shaped to boost aerodynamics and cut down on wind noise, enhancing the riding experience. Furthermore, an upgraded Ratchet System is integrated into each helmet, ensuring the shield not only seals securely but also locks in place with a central locking mechanism, providing additional safety and convenience.

The APEX Series Helmet features an advanced Optical Class 1 Sun Visor, designed to eliminate distortion and reduce glare through its variable thickness technology, unlike typical visors with uniform thickness that can blur vision. Additionally, it boasts an adjustable internal Sun Visor that can be lowered 5mm beyond the standard, ensuring clear, unobstructed views and a tailored fit for riders with different facial shapes, thanks to a convenient switch for easy adjustments, enhancing safety and focus while riding. This visor’s design and adjustability make it ideal for touring or modular helmets, providing superior visual clarity and comfort.

Scorpion EXO®’s AIRFIT® CHEEKPAD INFLATION SYSTEM is a pioneering innovation in helmet design, allowing for customizable fits to accommodate different cheekbone shapes. By adjusting the inflation level, riders can achieve a snug fit, reducing pressure points and minimizing helmet movement at high speeds. Initially intended for daily riders, this feature has now become favored by elite MotoGP™ racers, showcasing its effectiveness and appeal across riding levels.