Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Clear Pinlock Shield, Drop down Sunvisor, and Bluetooth Ready Speaker Pockets, DOT ECE Approved

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The New APEX Series from Scorpion EXO motorcycle helmets puts its attention to developing and offering the best Shell Materials, Aerodynamics, Vision, Protection, Weight, Ventilation and Comfort. Experience the future of riding with the Apex Series — where cutting-edge materials, pioneering technology, and unmatched craftsmanship converge. Elevate your ride; find your APEX.

The LITE FORCE CARBON MATRIX SHELL features a meticulously handcrafted shell composed of 7 layers. This premium construction includes 12K chopped carbon strands, seamlessly blended into our exclusive Carbon Mat. Designed to provide superior energy absorption from any direction upon impact, it establishes a new standard in protection. The shell features a strategic composition of chopped carbon fiber, unidirectional carbon, and four unique fiber layers, topped with a specially treated outer layer that ensures a smooth, flawless surface. Our distinct Carbon and Resin blend not only excels in energy dispersion but also achieves a lighter weight than other carbon fiber helmets on the market, ensuring a comfortably balanced fit.

The OPTICAL CLASS 1 DISTORTION FREE, PINLOCK® PREPARED FACE SHIELD is engineered with varying thickness to enhance visual clarity, minimize glare, and eliminate distortion. Its aerodynamically optimized shape significantly reduces wind noise and improves airflow, while offering U.V. and scratch resistance. The EllipTec™ III quick-release system features a two-stage, center lock mechanism for an improved shield-to-gasket seal.

Installed with Clear Pinlock® prepared face shield, additional Smoke Pinlock® prepared face shield and Pinlock® Lens included

Our SPEED VIEW INTERNAL SUN VISOR incorporates OPTICAL CLASS 1 TECHNOLOGY to deliver a distortion-free viewing experience. Treated with EverClear® for enduring anti-fog performance, it offers two positional adjustments for a customized fit and clear vision.

The COOL TECH VENTILATION SYSTEM is designed with internal EPS channels creating a venturi effect, pulling in cool air and expelling hot air to maintain optimal comfort. It includes an adjustable chin bar vent, a central top vent, and an integrated exhaust in the spoiler for effective air circulation.

Our COOL TECH LINER KIT sets a new standard in helmet comfort and adaptability, featuring an adjustable crown liner that caters to various head shapes. It includes Anti-Microbial and Moisture-Wicking 3D Laser-Cut Cheek Pads designed for noise reduction, all of which are removable and washable for maximum hygiene and comfort. Optional cheek pad thicknesses offer further customization.

The AIRFIT® CHEEKPAD INFLATION SYSTEM represents a groundbreaking innovation by Scorpion EXO®, transforming the helmet industry. Recognizing that riders have varying cheekbone shapes, this system allows for a customizable fit. By simply adjusting the inflation ball, riders can obtain a tighter fit that minimizes pressure points, resulting in reduced helmet vibration and lift at high speeds. Originally designed for the everyday rider, this feature has gained popularity and is now sought after by world-class MotoGP™ racers. Equipped for convenience, Comm-Ready speaker pockets facilitate the easy installation of BlueTooth® communication system speakers.

An EMERGENCY QUICK-RELEASE CHEEK PAD SYSTEM (EMT) enhances safety by allowing for rapid helmet removal in critical situations.

Buckle system Titanium Double-D ring

Backed by a 5-YEAR WARRANTY and certified by DOT FMVSS No. 218 / ECE 22.06, this helmet meets rigorous safety standards.